Kids grow faster than our wallets - why pay full price for barely used stuff?
High quality clothes, toys, and decor are waiting for you at New Age Kidz.

We only accept items that are in great condition.

You will never find something and New Age Kidz that would be great, "if only...".
All of our items are carefully reviewed by our team to insure top quality.

Clothes All clothes are carefully inspected for quality and condition. We don't accept anything we woul dn't be proud to let our own kids wear. Kids outgrow clothes faster than you can say growth spurt! Parents can get compensated for their quality pre-owned clothing and other parents can keep their kids stylish and modern without spending tons of money.

Furniture and Gear Cribs, chairs, strollers... the cost can add up very quickly and their usable life is over just as quick. We take items in good condition from parents that are done with them and offer them to new parents that need them at affordable and reasonable prices.

Toys Most toys are cast aside by kids after 10 months (on average). Why not make the best of it? As some kids grow out of phases (ex: Dora), others are growing into them. We create a win-win situation for everyone.

Other Items Books, learning tools, games... all kids have stages in their learning growth. Once they are past those stages, there is no need for parents to hold on to these items. However, every day new kids are reaching those levels and new parents need the tools. What better way to pass learning skills on?


Our inventory is always growing!

If we don't have it today, we may tomorrow. Our list of items is growing and changing every day.

South Florida is overflowing with kids of all ages - and they are growing! Today's favorite item is always tomorrow's castaway. Check early and check often, our inventory is expanding daily.


Items We've Bought (so far)

We've helped parents make a profit on lots of items they don't need anymore.

Items We've Sold (as of today)

We've helped parents across South Florida get great clothes, toys and gear for their kids.


Our lives are full of stuff. Why not de-clutter? Getting rid of items that no longer fit, are below your kids' skill levels, or they just don't play with anymore can clean up your house and even put a little cash in your pocket.

Kids outgrow everything at a lightening speed. We make it easy to get rid of the things they no longer need or want and to get things that are age appropriate.


Everything deserves a second chance. Clothes, toys, baby gear, furniture, learning tools...oh my! Just because your kids have stopped using them doesn't mean other kids are not waiting to put them to good use. We have to bridge families together and get pre-owned, high quality items out of one set of hands and into another.


Don't trash worn out clothes. In 2013 alone, Americans discarded 15.1 million tons of clothing and other textiles, and 85 percent of that wound up in landfills. That’s a bad thing. Think about how many of those items could have been useful to someone else. Trashing old clothes or ignored toys not only hurts the environment but prevents others from getting joy out of your unwanted items.