1I am worried about the quality of used items...
It's natural to want the best for your kids, that is why we strive to provide only top quality items.
2How do you choose what is in the store?
We carefully review all clothing and other items for any defects or abnormalities. Anything that does not meet our high standards is not added to our shop floor.
3How do I bring stuff to you?
It is best to call ahead of time to make an appointment so that we know you are coming. If you can't, feel free to visit us any time on Mondays Wednesdays, or Thursdays from 12pm - 5pm.
4Do you sell online?
Due to the revolving nature of our inventory, it is virtually impossible for us to sell items online. Often, we only have one of something and once it is gone, it's gone.
5How do I know I will get paid a fair price for my items?
Our contract is very clear. If we take your items for our store, everything is cataloged and inventoried. We give you a full list. Any time one of your items is sold, it is logged in our system and credit is given where it is due. We value our customers and our integrity and would never to anything to compromise that.

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Have any questions as to how it all works? Want to know more about the items we take in? Or anything else? We're always available to help!

We have kids too. Our goal is to bring clothes, toys and other items that kids need, to parents at prices they can afford. So it's been worn one or twice, a good wash and it's like new. Your kid will have great style and only you will know you got a great deal for it!